Best in Class Rhode Island Property Management

Lenox Management is a full service property management firm offering Best in class management services in communities throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Lenox Property management is a subsidiary of Rentprov Inc., which owns and operates In 2007 was broken into two companies and we sold the rental office which is still in operation on Atwells Ave. in Providence, RI under different ownership and management to focus on the website. We opened Lenox Management because we still have a passion for real estate and because of the site, have a unique understanding of the rental market in RI. We offer a full range of services to our clients including property management, leasing, and REO foreclosure servicing.

At Lenox Management, we are guided by a management philosophy that emphasizes using the most advanced technologies available to deliver the best service to our clients. Our team emphasizes communication, teamwork and creativity to ensure quality customized service. By leveraging our in house proprietary leasing software and unmatched knowledge of the communities we serve, Lenox Management will provide you the greatest exposure to the largest group of highly qualified tenants and minimize lost rental income. Quite frankly, there is no one in Rhode Island that can match our knowledge, commitment and technology.

Our in house management and maintenance team has the experience to provide you with any level of service that you need. We also have an extensive network of industry professionals who treat our clients fairly. If you are looking for a team of professionals who will treat your property like you would then give us a call. We are small enough to care and large enough to tackle any project.


Lenox Property Management 380 Broadway Providence Rhode Island 02909

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